10 reasons your home isn’t being shown

You have picked your agent, signed the paperwork, the sign is in the yard and the house has been on the market for a month, but you have had no showings. Your home is not on the market for fun. The goal is to get it sold! Here are the top ten reasons your home hasn’t been shown.




Yes, it’s that important. Price sets the tone for the property, where the property is going to marketed and the client who is going to buy your home.

4. Condition

5. Location

6. Bad Photography/No Photos

7. Marketing

8. Curb appeal

9. Listing agent

10. Incorrect/incomplete MLS information

The top five items are things that you as a homeowner control. Yes, your agent does advise you of these items, but ultimately these times are your control.

The last five are the control of your agent. This highlights the importance of choosing an aggressive agent who is going to give you the truth on price, and condition, advertise your property correctly and work with other agents in your market place to get your home sold!